Leaving by sea

lecture net art, Sogang University Seoul



My research is based on tangible and virtual, scientific and historical media in order to address issues that have to do with identity. I combine and distort processes of creation with the consciousness that technology tends to transform our perception of the self and of the others. As much as I feel concerned about local and global picture, I tackle the slippery issues of gender, animality, artefact, sensuality, agglomerate and abstraction.

Inspired by eco-feminists & sciences philosophers (Starhawk, Haraway, Stengers), I propose to consider the “wet” media with a feminine, intuitive and regenerative state of mind. “Staying with the trouble” enables us to transform the nature/culture distinction as a vantage point to “leaving by Sea”.



Here a link (lost server archive) to an online interactive constellation project I made during my residency in South Korea (2015).

Here a link to DOWNLOAD the PAPER .pdf:

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