Brussels based visual, sound & performance queer artist, Pascale Barret uses tangible and virtual, scientific and historical media to address issues of identity. She combines and distorts processes of creation with the consciousness that technology tends to transform our perception of the self and of the others. Starting from the tangible world, Barret enters the Internet as an architect and takes into consideration the identity multiplicity offered by the social networks and the persistent worlds. She pays full attention to details gleaned from the mainstream public websites, as much as she considers local and global picture and tackles the slippery issues of gender and animal studies, artefact, sensuality, accumulation and abstraction. Her latest artworks are inspired by magic and eco-feminist theories.

Since 2003, installations, performances, virtual and interactive creations have been the primary expressions of her solo and collaborative work, in flesh as well as online. Pascale shares her research by taking part of readings, lectures, jurys, residencies and workshops. She also works with labs on specific projects (LIMSI-CNRS, LARAS, iMAL). In addition to her researches on protocols for performance and persistent worlds, Pascale Barret is curator for Cyberperformance and Machinima.

Barret is a graduate of Bruno Latour’s Science-Po Experimental Arts & Politics program (SPEAP 2014, Science-Po Paris, France). In 2010, Barret was laureate of Banff Center (Canada) for “Interactive Screen Beautiful Lives”.

Archive before 2011 here